Our Sustainability

Our Sustainability

From the first crack to the final feather.

We believe that taking great care of our hens results in great tasting, nutritionally rich eggs, but we also believe in taking great care of our planet. That’s why we run one of the most environmentally friendly egg farms in the country.

We’ve found that pretty much everything at the farm can be used for something, and that nothing needs to go to waste. From the water we use to wash the eggs to the chicken manure to the reed beds growing on edges of the farm, everything contributes to a higher purpose.

At the center of our cycle of sustainability are our happy, healthy hens. Their eggs nourish our bodies, and our organically composted fertilizers grow the grains that nourish theirs. And together, we’re doing our own small part to take better care of the environment we all share.

The beauty of our commitment to sustainable farming practices is that it doesn’t just respect the environment and reduce our carbon footprint. It makes our farm more efficient and improves the quality of our products. Now that’s a win-win.

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